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In this paper an algorithm is given to decide if a given polynomial in two variables with coefficients in a finitely generated K-algebra is a coordinate and if so, find a mate for this polynomial. Let A = (aij) be a real symmetric n × n positive definite matrix with non-negative entries. We show that Aα ≡ (aijα) is positive definite for all real α ⩾ n − 2. Moreover, the lower bound is sharp. We give related results for pairs of quadratic forms and discuss partial generalizations to the case in which A is a complex Hermitian matrix. In this paper the Gaussian equations are derived for the nonsingular equinoctial elements, as they are required for dissipative perturbations of a satellite orbit. As Buy Longchamp Bag examples, airdrag and solar radiation pressure are considered and the Longchamp Le Pliage Toronto first-order variation of the elements and time after one revolution are given explicitly. Apoptosis is a common feature of multicellular organisms. However, the recent observations of non-metazoan cell deaths displaying morphology reminiscent of apoptosis has suggested the existence of an ancestral cell death machinery. We discuss this possibility and its implications for the use of yeast in the dissection of the metazoan apoptotic process.