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A technique is suggested for preliminary classification of plant extracts into any of the several hydroxycinnamic acid classes, as free acids or esters, by means of characteristic changes in absorption spectra in acid, alkaline, and ethanolic solvents. A survey of properties of a sequence of coefficients appearing in the evaluation of a quartic definite integral is presented. These properties are of analytical, combinatorial and number-theoretical nature. Focusing on a particular case, we will show that one can Longchamp Le Pliage Toronto explicitly determine the quartic fields K that have ideal class groups of exponent ≤ 2, provided that K/Q is not normal, provided that K is a quadratic extension of a fixed imaginary quadratic number field, and provided that the regulator of K is not too large compared with the discriminant of K. We consider the problem of the computer generation of a random variable X with a given characteristic function when the corresponding density and distribution function are not explicitly known or have complicated explicit formulas. Under mild conditions on the characteristic function, we propose and analyze a Longchamp Sale Online rejection/squeeze algorithm which requires the evaluation of one integral at a crucial stage.